Founded in 2004, S&S was established as the construction arm of the Worldwide Sourcing Group (WWSG). WWSG is a minority, woman-owned company headquartered in Carson, California. In 2013, S&S, a concrete company with unparalleled expertise in construction throughout the Southwest, specifically Southern California, merged with S&S.

S&S’s founding and long history of customer satisfaction and success can be traced back to the late 1930s. Our depth of experience and technical approach allows us to self-perform all work associated with structural concrete and steel, including earthwork, rebar, formwork, masonry, shotcrete, and concrete.

Our cost-saving approach will provide NGO’s and government entities a simple avenue to accomplish all requirements of no matter how complex the project.


Team S&S specializes in concrete construction with a focus on cast in place (CIP), shotcrete, precast (using forms), retaining, and masonry walls. The walls we construct have been used for every purpose, including perimeter security walls and shear walls that hold up multi-story buildings. For example, we built 30’+ high retaining walls on earthquake fault zones, featuring 4’ diameter caissons with #14 rebar specified at 75’ depths, massive grade beams, and colored concrete walls up to 28” thick.


S&S’s legacy originated from humble beginnings as Bohannan Paving in 1938. Our core competency continues today. We have completed projects across the most challenging areas throughout the vast Southwest.


Our extensive experience grading in challenging soil conditions includes soil with seismic, hillside, mountain, desert, and liquefaction issues. These operations include grading compactions up to 95%, export trucking and import trucking as necessary for acres and acres of land. This expertise is significant since a variety of our projects face varying types of challenging\ terrains, including desert and hillside; beyond grading. We are experts in constructing walls in such adverse conditions.


Our team has worked with state, local, and federal agencies. This diverse experience includes everything from restoration projects in Iraq to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) initiatives in the southwest region. We are well versed in prevailing wages and/or local hire requirements in developing communities.


We have experience designing and building several large concrete structures for our various clients. This includes, most recently, the design of three (3) parking structures to be constructed in Redlands, California. All material was sourced locally. This project included 600,000 square feet of the concrete surface area including 20,000 yards of high strength concrete reinforced with grade 60 rebar and 5/8 post-tension. Spread foundation footings with depths up to 6 feet. Soil density compacted to 95%. Cast in place walls and columns concrete strength at 5000psi. Class A FINISH. Overall project budget $180million. This project was completed on time and on budget.

We also completed a 438-unit parking structure and a 200-unit subterranean podium mid-rise in San Diego. Meanwhile, our firm is looking to start a four-phase project consisting of 1,500 units for Alliance Residential in Laguna Beach, CA.


Our team is well versed in working in dangerous environments. Our corporate structure and affiliation with AGS provide depth in securing our work environment. Our senior superintendent for this project is Scott Sigismondo. He was the superintendent for the concrete construction of the South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant, which included the building of a security wall for the plant on the border between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. His experience in performing projects along the border will be invaluable. AGS, with its 20 years’ experience on similar sites, will assist as required in securing our construction sites. AGS has the capability and know-how to provide services all along with the border territory and is in full compliance with the latest state and federal standards.


There is no concern around providing consent of surety letter and meeting the minimum bonding level, as we currently have a bonding line with a multi-million dollar bonding level.